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I love teenage girls. So much so that even if I was lost in the desert, I'd probably be happier to stumble upon a group of horny girls than I would be to find an oasis. If you're similarly tempted by teens, you might enjoy My Teen Oasis.
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-Content is dated. -Nice PU discount for first month of $9.95. But recurs at $29.95/mo. -No DRM. -Videos are good quality for a DVD site. You don't get the high definition found at some sites, but the definition is good, the camera-work is good, good focus, no jitters in the video, good lighting, good colors, good sound control. I wish there were less fake moans and groans of excitement, but it's not as bad as some sites. -Recent update rate is one video per week. But starting in January 2012, there were no updates for almost 4 months. -There is a dropdown listing of the site models. But it would be easier to search a stationary list, where the models were presented alphabetically, with a nice-sized thumbnail to show what the model looks like, with hot links to her appearances at that site, and to other sites in the network.


-There is a listing of sites the model appears at. But to play or download her videos at another site in the network, you have to manually log in to each different site, and then do a search for her videos at that site. So searching for model appearances is difficult, and time-consuming. -No model biography. -Videos have a small/medium-sized watermark bottom right corner. -Photos have a small/medium-sized watermark bottom right corner. -No zip file for the photosets. But I doubt many members would want to keep these photos anyway, except for one photo to show what the model looks like. -Uncheck the pre-checked cross sale at signup, or you will be charged a trial membership in another site.


It may not offer exclusive content, but My Teen Oasis provides a lot of sweet action. If you're in the market for a website that delivers high-quality videos and a good number of them at that, this one is worth considering.
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Porninspector: If you were dying of thirst, you would almost pass up a cold glass of water if you had the choice between it and My Teen Oasis, from the look of the introductory pages, they’ve found some barely legal gals that have the heart and the thighs to make it in this business. Promises for your membership fee include high quality from pic and video footage as well as many bonuses. If you feel as though you’ve been walking through the sandy desert, parched for porn and needing that dose of dirtiness to carry you across the miles until you reach the destination of an orgasm, then be sure to follow the breadcrumb trail to My Teen Oasis, they seem to have about anything you would want that falls under the heading of hardcore entertainment. There are, as with many sites, good points and questionable areas that have left this reviewer scratching her head, but I can say one thing with certainty…it’s extremely hot! As I describe my findings, I’m going to be learning as I go, because there’s not a lot of clarity nestled within a very nice presentation, and even though pictures are worth a thousand words, they aren’t saying what I want to hear the most. It’s vague to the point where I actually spent too much time just trying to figure out whether the content that I was being shown belonged to this site or not, yes, it was all listed, but it almost had the sort of feel where they were incorporating some of the bonus material throughout to raise the numbers, but, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s all self supporting, but at the same time, there is a variance that will take you through advertising shots that seem to match the criteria, and then a drastic change…hence, the reason for confusion. They are playing the teen card hard from the footage…or most of it anyway, and although the heat is pouring from the hardcore porn, there’s some crappy acting abilities. They go way overboard with the shock and awe factor on the faces of these barely legal babes. Granted, I will be the first one to admit they have found some mighty fine fuck poles to incorporate into their footage, I mean giant joy sticks that would probably even make me go a bit wide-eyed with wonderment once it springs free from their blue jeans, but these girls are just going more fake than fun with their astonishment, so, if you can overlook their false surprise, then you’ve got it licked….as do they. There’s a lot of oral sex, masturbation, interracial sex, cum swallowing as well as facial cum shots, mixing with vaginal penetration, threesomes, anal sex, big tits, POV shots, and more to be found here, which pretty well states it rounds out to your basic hardcore sex site. Now that you know what the content is about, it’s time to explore how it’s delivered. Apparently they’ve taken a long list of DVD’s and broken them down into individual clips, with hit and miss entries here and there, not really laid out with a string of chronological order. In doing some research of their time line, it looks to be they have had some serious issues of neglect on updating periodically through the past couple years of their existence, they will put up a lot of content, then just stop, only to repeat the act somewhere down the road once again. At the time of this review, the numbers are high, and worthy, but it makes me wonder how long they will stay at that spot before newness is given attention. They do offer dates and for some time now they’re staying regular….so, fingers are crossed. There will be streaming and download offered, but limited formats, and run times that will take a few minutes for download, and the HD they promise….it’s there, through the streaming, which means you’ll encounter some buffering trouble here and there. The clarity truly is beautiful, and the teen set show off their tight bodies and snug snatches as they open all the way around for the girth of the cocks awaiting entry. Yes, there are quite a few areas of excellence to this site, however, the updating factor does continue to worry me, along with the bit of mix-matched content. Since we’re talking about a bit of willy-nilly acts within the content from this site, the images will project in the same manner. Periodically throughout you’ll find some high resolution shots, but, they are overridden with screen caps as the majority. They’re all well done, but will expand to a modest sizing of, 491x333 pixels, which is a good idea for the most part, it won’t cause a huge distortion. Folder counts are small, and I’m not a huge fan of the thumb display….not finding any ZIP options either. There is so much good that comes from My Teen Oasis, the hardcore flaunting of fornication from barely legal babes and hugely hung males, giving possibilities that are endless in the form of erotica, and they do the job well in that respect. I had issues with their layout, their lax of updating periodically through their time on the web, and just a few minor things here and there that with a bit of tweaking could be rectified quickly.