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When guys with big schlongs feel tired and exhausted, there is nothing better for them than to relax a little bit. If you're wondering about that best way to do it, this site is going to give you an idea since in the Massage Parlor everything is possible and this is where you can see the hottest ladies with soft hands giving sloppy handjobs in order to make their cocks totally hard and ready for some more milking. Their goal is to make them empty those large balls filled with a lot of man juice. In order to do that, they will sit on the peckers, lick them and play with them like that's the last thing that they will do. A lot of nice massages, fucking and a lot of sperm.
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Fun Massage Episodes; HJs, BJs, 69, Hardcore, Etc. The massage action here is fun with hot girls massaging these guys that eventually progresses into handjobs, blowjobs, and banging from some models. The girls are sexy and I like the vareity in terms of hair, ethnicity, tattoos, etc. Mostly it's girl/guy one-on-one but occasionally they do have a couple girls on one guy. Episodes come in at around 20-25 minutes long on average. Nice Quality Videos, HD Downloads For All Episodes. All of the episodes here have HD MP4 full-episode downloads. The specs are high-end at 1920x1080 so it's not barely-HD level but is indeed impressive stuff. 1280x720 and various other SD MP4 are also available along with a number of WMV SD files too. An in-browser Flash player is also available with high quality and quick loading/buffering. A Few Hundred Scenes, Continues to Update. Episodes are date-stamped and they reach back here to 2008 with relatively steady growth that continues with updates thru the present day. With around a few hundred total episodes there is a good sized archive in place. Generally they get one new scene online a week although it can vary a bit from time to time. Other Good Stuff: Network bonus sites are included to three other massage themed sites: Nuru Massage, All Girl Massage, and Soapy Massage. There are pictures and mobile device video files on the episodes along with the standard options.


Episodes Aren't Categorized All That Well. There is a niche breakdown with dozens of categories that seems like a useful way of getting at certain types of action or models. However the tags aren't applied very well. Hardcore only shows four episodes but I found other scenes with full on sex that don't have that niche tag noted on them. Same goes for other niches like 69 and interracial where I ran into that type of action in a scene but they aren't put in those sections. Other niches used like 'body massage' are ubiquitous and not really useful in filtering the episodes. Minor Negatives: They don't do a good job providing video file size info on the downloadable videos. They just post one file size for the entire shoot despite the fact that they have two formats and many quality levels. The HD MP4 can be very large which may be an issue for some users. One of the bonus sites Soapy Massage is an archive site now and hasn't updated in a couple years.


Fun massage episodes featuring hot chicks & HD quality videos. Massage Parlor has a number of items that work together to make this a strong site. There is a nice amount of episodes now with several years of update and the shoots themselves are entertaining with hot models. HD videos and a few other network massage bonus sites help too. The negative items like the navigation tools that could be improved are less significant so the positives clearly outweigh the negatives on this site.
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Porninspector: Welcome to the Massage Parlor where you will finally get to see what ‘extras’ mean. These girls appear in original and exclusive movies that are hot on quality. That’s the main promise, but after that you are offered the chance to see what really goes on after a hunk has had his massage. It’s hot and steamy in here with great looking models and some fantastic fantasies played out. Weekly updates and fast downloads are also offered. I found myself more than intrigued by the intro pages for this site, and then when I pushed back the membership doors, entering the erotica they promised awaited my arrival, I am more than pleased to announce the niceness continues! Such uniformity, a great style in presentation, a layout that makes this site even more appealing because of how it lingers on the eyes before you can taste it on your tongue! They have all of their bases covered with the cunning acts of those masseuse that know how to rub their clients the right way….not to mention all of the extra attention they’re going to receive as well. There are so many fine feeds coming into the footage of this site, but in beginning with the content itself, I have to mention they create some hot plots for their porn, things that are realistic and the way they flow into a full blown scene of fornication, well, it will spark your fantasies and have you thinking wicked things all day long. They include all of those little things that make my job not only much easier, but also nicer for members too, such as a write up description, the date for upload, sizes to their video footage and the tag words that will have you searching and finding quickly. From there, it falls upon the presentation of the material itself, and not only will you have choices and quality, but, there is also enough in their count to keep you busy and eager for more, which will be uploaded each Wednesday of the week. Your stress level may decrease, but the size of your cock will surely increase once you enter Massage Parlor! These folks are getting much more than they expected, but not a one of them will turn down the individual service they’re receiving, and why would they? Just imagine a beautiful woman coming in to place her palms on all of your pressure points, rubbing, massaging, and loosening the tightness that has had you uncomfortable all day long. As you begin to feel their touch taking away the fight with the boss, the argument with the wife, the traffic jam that had you sitting for hours, it’s quickly replaced by the need and want to feel that goodness all over, and these are just the girls to make that happen! This hardcore presentation will give you not only the enjoyment of oral sex, giving and receiving, but these girls will even suck the testicles into their mouth for that added pleasure. Some will be of the MILF age range, with big, natural tits, every now and then a patch of dark, thick pubic hair to remind you of the good ol’ days, and of course those tight asses that will look extremely stimulating in your face as they slip into a 69 position. They’ll stroke the shaft, lick the rim, massage the body and then take a cum shot like a pro! It’s going to get wild and kinky in those private rooms of rub down delight! Not only are you going to have your every massaging dream come true, but you’re going to get to view it in high technical quality. They are catering to not only your PC, but also your iPad and iPhone as well from their video choices…which, will derive through episodes or full scenes. The streaming….it is as nice as the download, however, when you hit the extreme HD footage, there will be some buffering issues, so downloading those might be the best way to go, they won’t take much time, and the viewing will be much more enjoyable. They keep just as much smoldering sexual goodness feeding through the image section, there isn’t an area that I’ve found to this site yet that has let me down in any way. You are able to enjoy the nicely sized thumbs and the enlargements through the browser, bringing in a filled full screen of, 1800x1200 pixels, or, download as a ZIP. If you wander into Massage Parlor, expect to give and receive until every muscle in your body is relaxed, loose and satisfied! Everything about this site, starting with the fantasy niche and ending with the extremely high quality, and regular updates, made this a fan favorite of mine. It’s worthy from all aspects for membership, and the hardcore entertainment will have you staying up late at night!