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Good-sized collection. The size of the site really helps offset some of the things that hold them back in my opinion. Expect to see over 1,100 photo galleries and over 400 videos currently, with more being added weekly. I hope those numbers continue to rise as it's one area they really stand out in. Network access included. You get access to around a dozen bonus sites in the Swank Pass network included with your membership. Several are the official sites from their magazines, while the others are other similar niche megasites like this one. All the better to have more content available to you. Other Good Stuff: The magazine archives are always a cool feature for a site like this. They provide some nice extra content to browse through. A lot of photo galleries come in up to four sizes, which is nice to see, though most only have a single zip file. They have a decent search setup with a ton of categories to choose from in terms of filtering things down. Updates do come in here weekly at least, which is good to see. It's pretty standard in terms of update schedules, but at least the site is active, and they're pretty consistent.


Quality needs work. Nothing looks all that great here, unfortunately. The latest photos look the best as they come in quite large and have decent quality, but they're still not as sharp as some of the higher-quality sites you might find out there. Videos are the worst offenders with consistently below-quality results, especially since they don't even offer anything in HD yet. Minor Negatives: There are several ads sprinkled throughout the member's area. They make the site feel very cluttered and are just a bit excessive in my opinion. The zip files they have for the photo galleries do not feature the biggest pictures they have for some reason. I wouldn't mind them offering multiple zip files, or at least to offer a large version of the photos there.


The content isn't necessarily that great, but there's a lot of it, and a lot of bonus material. Just 18 suffers in the way a lot of similar magazine sites do with lower-quality content than more current websites offer, and also from stuff that's maybe a little more generic than some of the sites heavy into a niche. Navigation is a little tough with so much content, though the search they have really helps. I'd mostly look for improved quality all around. There is a lot to see at least, and updates are still coming, and you have a whole network full of bonus content and extras, so it's not all bad.
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