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British UK street sluts love to gag on Jim Slip's hard wang and that is what they are doing on Jim Slip dot com. This older dude is taping as he is banging them in all positions and while they are moaning and asking for more. He is actually the husband of Lara, and her site is Lara's Playground. So, the bottom line is that he is finding the UK babes who are willing to give him head and make his penis rock hard and all that in front of the camera. We have to admit that there are some pretty horny and very sexy girls that he is shagging and his cock is always ready for triple X action.
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Fun Exclusive Hardcore of Jim Slip with Hot Young Babes. On the surface Jim Slip looks like a nice English gentleman in his suit and nice clothes but he's really a dirty old porn dude who bangs all sorts of chicks. Content is video/photo episodes of Jim in hardcore with one or more British/European girls. Jim is a character and the episodes are fully developed scenes and quite fun. Actually while the majority is girl/guy hardcore with Jim there are a smaller number of scenes with other guys or lesbian action or solo girls. You wouldn't know it to look at the guy but Jim is a player and this site has fun reality style hardcore episodes with a British flavor. 100's of Episodes, Long Running Site for Over a Decade. I remember looking at Jim Slip a number of years back and even then the site was well established. Episodes date to 2003 and the site has been active and growing since then. New update include fresh episodes and models along with a number of remastered scenes with the newer video quality level and options that are a definite upgrade. With more than five hundred total episodes Jim has a very respectable amount of content for a site of this kind. HD Newer Videos, A Few Years of Those Now. In 2009 high-def episodes began to appear so that constitutes around 40-50% of the episodes. This format is MP4 with 1920x1080 for the newest and 1280x720 on the earlier ones. On the newer movies there also standard-def WMV files as another option and then they've added in-browser streaming on newer shoots too. Other Good Stuff: Update info is posted on each episodes which is quite useful since the shoots span over ten years. They also have written scene summaries. Episodes can be filtered down by niches which is useful in finding certain types of models or sex. There is also an alphabetical model index.


Video Quality & Options Vary, Older Shoots in Clips Only. Jim's collection does have its ups and downs in terms of the video options. The HD movies themselves vary between 1920 and 1280 levels and then a good chunk of the scenes from the mid-range to older don't have the HD and also are only in clip segments. Streaming is also a hit-and-miss option as well. The clips-only scenes are in about five parts so it does require a number of downloads to get a full episode. Minor Negatives: No video file size details are posted on the downloads. They have a wide range of file sizes including large HD and really small lower quality clips so it would have been useful info to have. I ran into some photo galleries that had zip files but others don't have that option.


Jim Slip has a long running site with fun British hardcore episodes of him with hot chicks. Jim Slip obviously has done something right since he's been at this for a long time and the site's content proves that. He and his sites have won some awards along the way too. His content is fun and it a nice take on the reality porn genre with his British and older gentleman style where he still gets to bang hot girls. IU like the HD newer videos and they are working on remastering some older shoots but a decent chunk are still in the older clip-only downloads which is probably the main sticking point here in terms of user options. All around though Jim's got a quality site going and he's carved himself out a nice character as a pornstar.
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