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One of the first things that you will definitely notice on the Harmony Vision porn site is the fact that all the movies are done with a lot of love and passion. The stunning models are giving their best to please well hung guys and all that is done as a part of one of the best productions in the world. Harmony Vision comes from the UK and it is well known for some of the very popular XXX movies that you can already find on the internet. It is more than obvious that a lot of money has been invested in the making of these triple X movies, the girls are super sexy, and that is all you need to know in the beginning of the review. Now we're going to see what exactly you can find on the site.
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With frequent updates and high-quality content, Harmony Vision is a pretty good site overall. It isn't perfect, but if you're looking for a website that offers gorgeous girls and beautiful films, this one should please you.
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Porninspector: Just looking at the tour, it's obvious HarmonyVision prides itself in its big name stars and slick productions. The page is filled with clear and crisp teasers of famous fucking, and — as I soon found out — guarantees of exclusive HD content, daily updates, and "the world's most gorgeous models." Needless to say, I was hooked. Once logged I was presented with three websites: WCP Club, Fun Movies, HarmonyVision. Since it was the last of the 3 that got me hooked in the first place and, not to mention, it was my job to review it, anyway, I figured that'd be the wisest course of action. So, I clicked it. Now, I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but the well organized, surprisingly reserved page that I soon found myself browsing certainly wasn't anywhere near it. In fact, if it weren't for the rather large collection of scenes, models, and racy adult titles — not subtly slick scripts and menus — I'd swear I was browsing a much smaller, more niche type site. Which couldn't be farther from the case. No, you'd only have to take one look at the model index — which, by the way, houses just under 110 hot young starlets(think Jayden Lee, Karina White, and Nicole Sweet), each with her own mini bio, vital stats, and links to her content — to dispel that idea. These girls are professionals. And by that some token, the titles on hand obviously weren't produced in some hairy guy's basement, either. Well lit and slickly edited, these hot tales of teens gone awry are obviously the work of an experienced production team with a damn good budget. This is primo stuff. On that note, I highly recommend Young Harlots and The Hard Ass. Closer inspection of the videos helped verify yet another tour promise. Just as advertised, the videos here are served up here with crystal clear high-definition play-back quality. Each scene can be streamed or downloaded in 5 separate resolutions, going all the way from 720p HD to a much more modest 400p SD file. And just in case you're having trouble making up your mind, there's an alluring synopsis, member rating, and plenty of a whole host of steamy thumbnails taken from, presumably, the juiciest parts of the scene. I think supreme video quality, though always welcome, is an absolute must here, because these scenes have such a cinematic quality. The multi-camera setups, awesome sets, and crazy scripts filled with outlandish dialogue remind me a lot of the porn of my youth. But unlike the hit-and-miss nonsense I'm probably looking at through nostalgia-goggles, these scenes and titles are actually consistently sweet. And probably a good bit more hardcore than most of my neophyte stash, too. Really, my only complaint here would be that, well, there's just not enough of them. True enough, there's 240 scenes listed under the "videos" category in the main menu. Browsing by "movie," however, reveals there's only 32 to choose from. So, if you're looking for a shit-load of titles, you'll obviously want to try elsewhere. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I can even fault them all that much. I mean, the tour didn't really advertise this site as a DVD house, and the scenes themselves have pretty impressive running times, with most cutting off at the 35-minute-mark. Plus, maybe the site's just new and hasn't had time to build up a giant archive. Unfortunately, there's no way to check, because there's nothing in the way of timestamps or an update calender on the site. I found this particularly strange, because the archive can actually be arranged by date. After a closer look, though, I realized this is pretty vague, and limits your options to choices like "this week," "this month" and "this year." I think there might be a bug, because clicking "this month" pulls up 22 scenes. No big deal, right? Well, clicking "this week" only pulls up 5. Granted, that could still — if it weren't for the fact there's only been 4 days, so far, in this month. That's not exactly the end of the world, and I'm guessing the results are for last month. If that's the case, they've got a pretty sweet update schedule. Still, I'd prefer more detailed and accurate results. Aside from that, the only real flaw I can see is the lack of photo galleries. Each scene has an attached series of images, true enough, but they're thumbnails that aren't much bigger than a postage stamp. Which isn't exactly going to attract the photography buffs. But since the tour didn't really mention photos one way or the other, it's hard to hold it against them. HarmonyVision might not be the biggest DVD House in town, but it does offer an interesting selection of titles, with an archive that has, in my opinion, a pleasing fixation on debauched teens. Though I'm not sure that's enough on its own to warrant the current price of admission, perhaps the added benefit of bonus access to two other premium sites will do the job.