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It is difficult to find a babe who doesn't have large breasts in here! That is one of the main reasons why many people come to check out Christophs Big Natural Tits dot com and not only that they are all busty, but they love to use long magic wands and their hurricane tongues and juicy lips ready for sucking on some clitorises. When these big tit chicks see a fat hard dick, there is nothing they want more than to gag on it as soon as possible. They are that horny all the time and it is only an additional reason for you to explore the website a little bit. Let's see what this site has to offer.
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-no recent updates -no advanced search -can't post comments


Christophs Big Natural Tits has many high-quality vids and a good number of them at that. The website hasn't updated in a few months at this point, but it's done this before and has always gotten back to posting new material. So despite the lack of recent updates, you can feel good about giving this site a look.
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Porninspector: Christoph`s Big Natural Tits is a site that specializes in, well, bringing you big and natural tits. To be honest, the site's name scared me a little. I mean, I figured there was no way in hell he could pull this off without throwing in a bunch of heifers. Boy, was I ever wrong. The tour is positively overflowing with busty porn stars who were well enough endowed to avoid all that silicon bullshit. But this isn't just some kind of breast museum, with a look but no touch clause. These babes are getting down and dirty, riding big fat dicks and letting those natural boobs bounce, swing, and sag — just the way nature intended it to be. To further sweeten the pot, old Chris promises unlimited downloads and HD quality video. Upon logging into Christoph`s Big Natural Tits , the first thing that struck me about the site is how well organized and good looking the layout was. This, of course, is in a large part due to being part of a fairly sizable and powerful network. In fact, at the top of the page, one of the first things you'll likely notice — well, aside from the eye-catching banner of some hot blonde impaling herself on a gigantic dick — is the cool little drop-down menu full of bonus sites. There are 44 of them in total, and they fall under two separate categories: Premium and Niche. The former contains big names like Rocco Siffridi and Silvia Saint, whilst the ladder houses more content oriented sites with colorful names, such as Squirtalicious and Granny Ghetto. This is a fantastic perk that comes with your membership, so why not place it clearly at the top of the page? There's also a horizontal menu atop the page for accessing the basics, e.g., movies, pictures, models, etc. From the sidebar menu, you'll find the content split up into a 10 different kinks. You can even exclusively browse scenes that come in high-definition quality, and I'm happy to report that over 80% of them do. And while we're talking about positive aspects of the site, I've noticed that, other than one strange lapse of several months, they've managed to maintain a fairly regular update schedule. If you're big into the porn scene, you've probably heard of Christoph Clark. He's only one of the biggest porn stars/direcors to come out of France, and he's been in the industry a long, long time. So, it's safe to say he knows what the fuck he's doing. And it shows. The content is really well done and hot, keying in on several different niches, and pretty much nailing them all. One thing did strike me as odd, though. Now, maybe I misunderstood the site's name, but when I hear "big tits" I expect to like a large D-cup at minimum. A lot of these girls are more in the 34C range. To me, it's just not all that impressive if a girl has a small D without implants. I'm not saying they all have to be freakishly, grotesquely massive, but they could at least throw in a few that are. I don't know, I guess I'm just feeling a little short changed here. I love the look each video page has. They give you a running time, file-size, number of views, and a five-star rating. But what I really love is the embedded player. Not only does it look really cool, but it's fucking massive. Not only that, but they give you the option of streaming in either Low, High, or HD quality. A lot of sites would have just left it at a single default option and been done with it. The direct downloads, too, come in all of the formats listed above. Although, I've noticed the high-def option is, at times, annoyingly absent for direct-downloads. When it's there, though, it looks fantastic. So far, there are only 44 photo galleries, which isn't a lot in comparison to the number of videos available. And, unlike their video counterparts, they are totally devoid of timestamps. So I have absolutely no way of telling how often they update them. Judging by the numbers, however, it's not that often. It's a shame, because what photos they do have look quite good. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin — and I'm strictly speaking about the photos section here — is the total lack of any sort of option for downloading sets in their entirety. Hopefully they'll alleviate these issues in the near future. Christoph`s Big Natural Tits is a great site, which utilizes the talent of one of France's premiere porno Kings. The content is quite hot, and I can personally attest that these women's breasts are, indeed, the real deal. My only complaint is that there aren't enough of them that are real big. But perhaps that's just a matter of personal taste. Nevertheless, this is a great little site, and it has a world of bonus content to keep you busy between updates. Give 'em a try sometime.