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Decent-sized site. With over 450 scenes up currently, there's definitely a good amount to see here. They've been pumping out hardcore anal content for years and years, and it's definitely paying off. There's enough to keep you busy for your first month, and then some, probably. Network access included. Of course, if you feel the need to check out their other sites, there's plenty to see out there. They have almost 40 sites under their umbrella, and no doubt you can find some other good feet material mixed in there from time to time. Quality is good these days. Quality has always been a priority here, though in the past, their specs didn't keep up at times. However, they are offering 1080p high definition videos, and some huge, great-looking photos for the newest scenes. I think you'll have no issues with the quality they put out right now. Other Good Stuff: They shoot all their own material, making the site 100% exclusive here. Updates generally come in weekly here pretty consistently. I hope that continues! Their search setup is pretty nice here with a lot of categories to choose from to help narrow your content down. The download speeds came in very quick here. They maxed out my connection speed using both a download manager, and standard browser downloads were quick as well. Though anal isn't the most unique niche, it does have at least a little something to help them stand out from the crowd.


Older quality isn't as good. As with any site that has content going back several years, the older stuff isn't going to keep up in terms of quality. Pictures get smaller, as do the videos, and the compression and artifacts get larger and more noticeable. Minor Negatives: The design of the site is rather plain here. There's no personality at all, and besides the small banner up top, all of their sites look the same.


This one is just as expected which means they do everything quite well here. I don't think anyone will take a look at Asshole Fever and come out thinking that this site is so unique and different, but they do the basics well enough that you should have a good time here. Everything from the numbers, to quality, to options are above average, and when you add in all the similar network sites you get access to as well, the big picture looks very nice here. If you just want some solid anal porn at a decent price, I don't think you can go wrong here.
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SmuttyReviews: If anal sex is what gets you turned on, welcome to your personal heaven, Asshole Fever is a collection of hottest back door fucking scenes online. There are plenty of scenes, update pace is pretty good, and these hotties all look great with their legs spread wide apart and their asses under hardcore assault. It's all about anal on this site, with slim and hot teenage chicks enjoying their anal fun. Membership comes with huge bonus porn network and the great yearly deal will certainly get ton of members interested.